Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I don't say about autism but want to

1. Please stop asking if I'm like Rain Man. No, I'm not. And I do not count cards.
2. I suck at math; savants are rare and I'm not one of them.
3. Staring at person who is obviously stressed out and are covering their ears is rude. (I thought *I* was the one who had bad social skills...)
4. On another note, quit staring at a parent with a kid in meltdown mode; if you want to say something; say "Can I help?".
5. Don't assume I can't hear you when I'm with somebody else. I can, and I'm an adult. Please address me, even if I seem "odd". Sometimes I just need a little help.
6. I'm not stupid; it takes me longer to learn some things.
7. When I hurt your feelings, tell me! I don't know I did.
8. Please, please don't pat me on the back; especially on my left side. It scares me, I can't see you and dislike it.
9. When I ask you to repeat yourself, I am trying to make sure I heard you correctly.
10. I try to say things that interest you, but can't tell if it's boring you. Say something, or I won't stop.


Tammy P. said...

Ah, I especially like #4. Great post.

La La said...

I love, love, LOVE this list! Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Cannot say antything about it.
But just the words

'Oh my God'

Just like I should be suprissed.

And Yes I did.

For the first time it fits into my list.
The most things you wrote about are scary the same to me.

A lot of times in my life I told people I'm not stupid.
Well, the last weeks.
Even to my loved ones.

And yes, some things take longer to learn.
On the other side, there are also a lot of things I learn faster then everybody else.
I see something, when I like it, I want to learn it.
I put my head on it and want to learn it all.

Thanks for this list.

God bless you.