Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Really? This is a good thing?

Dr. Wakefield had a 'lovely' story at his anti-vaccine rally:
"About 15 years ago a mother from London approached him and said “Do not judge me too harshly Dr. Wakefield, but when I die I am taking my son with me. You see, I’m all he has. I’m the only one who loves him.”

“I didn’t judge,” said Wakefield. “I was moved by the love that a mother must have for her child that she would take his life rather than have him fall upon a society that really didn’t give a damn.”
(My deepest thanks and recommends to the
Autism News Beat for their post on his rally)

So....there you have it, Wakefield thinks it's a loving thing to kill your autistic child when you die. Why, oh why, do some parents have outrage over percieved dangers in vacciness but not their matryr flat out approving of killing autistics? The world is a tough place for autistics so we should improve it, not kill the autistics! Any decent human being, regardless of where they stand on the vaccine issues, should see how wrong it is to say this. Where's the outrage? It's one thing for a frustrated parent to say something at wit's end, it's quite another for a doctor to agree with them.


Ashley said...

This happened recently about an hour from where i live. :(