Friday, March 12, 2010

GFCF can be yummy

I'm not on a GFCF diet but I know many families out there in the autism community are. So I poked around the Borders Gluten Free section. I found recipes in the Enjoy Life cookbooks that are so delicious I wanted to go make some myself! (honestly, the company has no clue I exist but I feel like sharing their books with everyone!) One nice thing about the recipes in all of their books are about a page long including pictures, no huge complicated ones.

Here's a glipse at some of their books and recipes in them:

Allergy Proof Recipes for Kids by Leslie Hammond-Pancakes
-Several kinds of frosting
-Cakes, including "Cream"sicle Cake and carrot cake
-Homemade Marshmellows
-Many "meal" items besides desserts

Cookies for Everyone
-Gimme S'more Bites
-No Bake Cinnamon Rolls
-Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
-Sensational Snickerdoodle Cookies
-and of course lots more cookies!

Cupcakes for Everyone
-Chocolate Chip Scones
-Chocolate-filled Vanilla Cupcake
-Blueberry Crunch Muffin
-more cupcakes and muffins