Monday, January 4, 2010

Check out Wired on the stands right now!

The issue of Wired magazine on the stands right now has my letter printed in the Rants and Raves part!
Thank you for your article. I am autistic, and I am sick of the anti-vaccine movement. They waste time and money that could go toward helping autistics. I’d love to see Jenny McCarthy be as passionate about job training, respite care, social skill classes, and providing communication devices to poor families as she is about spouting anti-vaccine lies. It would be nice to see Generation Rescue replace its dangerous practice of promoting chelation with the practice of promoting proven safe treatments. Hopefully your article has gotten more people to understand how destructive the anti-vaccine movement is.
Brandy Nichole Wilson
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Wired Rants and Raves


Adelaide Dupont said...

A little while ago (the day before yesterday) I saw her book Healing and Preventing Autism.

I was tempted to do a little sabotage.

Brandy said...

It's tempting, but not likely to help.

I do tell people though who ask about her books an alternative book that helps. I'm about to post something that will have you outraged, I bet...

Anonymous said...

Good job, standing up for your beliefs!

Unknown said...

Good for you! The science is now so well established that these people need to move on!