Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cyberbullying is not "ethical blogger" behavior!

I don't normally get involved in blogger drama, but this just really irks me.

The blogger Trisha who is in charge of that shiny "Ethical Blogger" button you see apparently thinks cyber-bullying a teenager is okay. She took a "sneaky pic" of a random teenager at an airport and proceeded to insult her weight. Now I may be the one with social issues; but I'm pretty sure it's messed up and not at all ethical to be a 30 something year old making fun of a teenager.

I've been cyber-bullied as a teenager in high school and I can tell you it IS a big deal. It's not a laughing matter to a teenager. Don't we have enough teenagers doing this crap without an "ethical" mommy blogger doing it too?

Join me in boycotting MomDot. I've written to her sponsors and twittered (my twitter account is Aspergerskitty) with the hash tag #momdotsucks

ETA: Started a petition:


Jackie said...

Thank you for starting the petition! You rock! I signed it too. I found you through the hashtag momdotsucks and to the petition!

I've worked with a few of the companies she's worked with, I plan to contact them again and make them aware of everything "ethical" she is posting.

Kristin said...

Thank you!

NinaSay said...

Creating a hate petition is no better than what you're accusing her of doing.

Rethink your actions because you are worse than her.

autie said...

Nina, I don't hate Trisha who runs MomDot.

However, Trisha herself has pointed out how people associate her with the MomDot "brand".

If there is a brand or company involved in something unethical; I do speak out against it. I do write the sponsors. I chose this time to write a petition.

I fail to see how I am "worse" than Trisha. I do publish your comment though because you have valid feedback; whether or not I agree with it. I encourage anybody (even Trisha) with feedback to comment; I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.

Becky said...

It isn't a hate petition. It is a petition to stop cyber bullies like Trisha.