Monday, August 3, 2009

A little sad...

I'm a little sad. September 1st the pet store I love and visit every week is closing at the end of the month. I really enjoy as part of my "going out" routine going there to see all the hamsters. Hamsters are my special interest and it was disappointing to hear the store is closing; the lady takes excellent care of the hamsters there. She's also friendly even though I'm sure I come across as odd and a little obsessed with hamsters. (I did tell her I'm autistic)

I hope the economy improves so more small businesses don't have to close, it is quite distressing when a store I like closes. I don't like changes in my routine.

I did pick up several books on autism at the college library; look for reviews in the weeks to come.


Lia said...

That sucks :(
I don't like changes to my routine either (unless I don't like my routine, haha, like now, which is mon-fri work work work). Ima follow your blog :)
Have a great day!